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What is the sex industry?  We define the sex industry as including prostitution, phone sex, stripping (nude/and or semi-nude) pornography(acting/and related activities with the porn industryand online porn) mistressing, madaming, pimping, and all other forms of commercial sex.  This includes having lovers or significant others that are in your life solely because they “provide.”
Who is a sex industry survivor?   We define a sex industry survivor as a man or woman (of any rate, race, religion or sexual persuasion) who accepts (or has accepted in the past)money, material items, or any form of exchange, for sex, a sex related activity (fantasy and “but we’re good friends”  included).  It doesn’t matter how long you did it, how you earned it, how much time you got paid, or how long you have been out of it.

What is the definition of “time, or sobriety” and is it different that recovery? Time, or sobriety is the absence of sex-related earnings or exchange. Time is also the acceptance of money or material items through legitimate means. Recovery includes the absence of sex related earnings combined with the absence of self-abusive behavior and thoughts. Only those personally recovering from the sex industry will be allowed to attend.

No police officers, probation officers, reporters, or non-sex industry workers will be allowed to attend.  Members may be “pre-screened” only to ensure the meeting place’s privacy and the member’s protection.

Is there literature available or what can I do if there is no meeting near me? We have many items of literature available, including information on how to start a meeting if there is not one close to you.

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He Did Not Hear My Words: A True Story of Date Rape
Author: Anonymous

My eyes open suddenly. What time is it? My heart flutters as an image of Mark pops into my head. I roll to my side and glance at the clock. Four o’clock in the morning! I’m wishing it was 7am so I could get up and start my day. Trying to fall back asleep… trying to ignore the excitement… I just can’t get him out of my head.

I walk into first period and join my girls. I’m half listening to their conversation as Mark walks in and pretends he doesn’t see me. I whisper to my best friend Erika that I too can play that game. We laugh together, she thinks I’m crazy with this whole game thing. My older sister tells me that guys like a girl who plays hard to get. Erika continues to laugh at me.

The day is dragging and dragging, but finally school ends and I meet Mark in the parking lot. I love riding in his car. I get such a rush when he drives fast. I feel so free driving with the windows down, listening to music too loud. We drive to his house, he wants to change clothes before we go out. We pull into the vacant driveway. His parents are both at work and his little brother is in daycare.

I feel myself getting nervous… a good nervous! He’s so cute and I can’t wait to make out with him. We walk upstairs to his room and before I know it, we’re
grabbing each other and making out on his bed. He begins feeling up my shirt and I like it. He starts to unbutton my Levis.

I still feel good, but I remind him that we shouldn’t go too fast, that we should be taking things slow. He says he understands, that he doesn’t want to pressure
me. I believe him.

He continues to touch me, but this time something feels different, something doesn’t feel right. I realize that his pants are down too, he’s struggling to put himself inside of me. He feels violent and I feel violated. I don’t want this, I tell him. It’s too soon, I want to wait a while. But you’re just so sexy baby, he tells me. I want to make you feel good. I don’t want it, I tell him again. He does not hear my words.

In a lot of cases of rape or date rape drugs and alcohol are involved. Alcohol as we all know tends to make people do things that they would not do or makes people become violent and aggressive. Alcohol abuse is a serious problem and can become an addiction. Visit for further reading on information.